Students returned to campus this year and were greeted by an unexpected new resident—the PVG rooster. After almost a month of school, however, many still do not know this rooster’s tale.

The rooster goes by many names: some call him Colonel, others Betty, and others still have named him Reggie. However, the true name of PVG’s feathered friend is Tiberious.

Nathan McFadden, PVG’s assistant area coordinator, said, “Tiberius was used and accepted during the opening days of student leader training (early August), thus predating any of the other names that have since been coined.”

So, Tiberious is the name of this PVG dweller, but where has he come from? There are several stories floating around campus seeking to answer this question, some of which are as follows:

“The rooster came from Dr. Nord; it’s his spy on campus to get an inside look.”     -RA Katrina Henning

“The rooster came from the prison.”     -RA Aaron Baddeley

“He ran away from home where he was being neglected.”     -RA Lauren Moore

“I have heard a legend about a mysterious figure who, in the darkest part of the night, came to deliver the rooster so that it could fulfill its destiny as the mascot of PVG.”     -Area Coordinator Nicole Pearson

PVG resident Ashley Pickett with Tiberius, the rooster residing at PVG.

PVG resident Ashley Pickett with Tiberius, the rooster residing at PVG.

Although his origins are disputed among PVG residents, there is one thing for certain: Tiberius enjoys hanging around PVG.

“He knows which dorm is the best and he chose his allegiance accordingly,” McFadden said.

However, in an unfortunate turn of events, Tiberius has recently disappeared. Since his disappearance, some have attempted to solve this mystery.

RA Trevor Wells said, “No one knows where he has gone, but I know Ben Pearson can get pretty overprotective of his silly little garden sometimes.” McFadden also said Pearson “maintains an unmerited personal vendetta against Tiberius for allegedly stealing vegetables out of his patio garden.”

“There were also rumors that a staff member was going to take Tiberius home to his farm,” McFadden said. “Either he has already been picked up by the Corban staff member, or he has fallen subject to the distasteful pranking of another dorm.” McFadden said that no matter what has happened to Tiberius, his disappearance provides grounds for mourning.

Tiberius was with PVG for only a short amount of time but he had an impact on all the dorm’s residents.

Farewell, Tiberius. PVG shall always consider you part of the family.