Ellen Kersey is the co-adviser (NOTE: IN JOURNALISM, ADVISER IS SPELLED WITH AN E) for Corban journalism. She has worked at Corban for 10 years, after retiring as a high school English/journalism teacher. She is also a mentor for the Journalism Education Association, mentoring new high school advisers.

Ellen Kersey is a Hilltop Advisor.

Ellen Kersey is a Hilltop Advisor.



Ellen has a BA from Cal State Northridge and an MS from Southern Oregon State University. She earned her Mrs. while attending California Baptist University in Riverside. Teaching at Corban and working with journalism students add joy and excitement to her life, and, along with those, her little red Miata keeps her young.



Ellen has been married to her husband Earl for more years than she wants to admit and is the proud mother of Dr. Kent Kersey (who pretty much learned everything he knows from her). She is also the mother of a daughter, Kathy, who lives in Corvallis. Her son Kevin, who had worked as a computer tech for Time/Inc in Manhattan, died in 2010 after fighting cancer for seven years. She has two grandchildren, Scott and Hannah, and two great-grandsons, Harrison, 5, and Quillan, 3. In her spare time, she loves to travel, shop, write, play games, and she is addicted to jigsaw puzzles.