By Joshua Austring Corban distance runners are now using a new method of training which has helped runners be less nervous for upcoming races. This new training method is called VO2 max and according to the website, VO2 max refers to the maximum amount of oxygen your body can transport and use during exercise. The exercise is usually used to measure fitness because the fitter you are, the more efficient your body uses oxygen. The Vo2 workouts for the year are decided by running a simple test. The athlete is required to run for six minutes as hard as they can. Once the time limit is up, the total distance is calculated and then divided by the time to calculate how many meters per second the athlete traveled. This new training program has been very enlightening for many of the athletes. Bekka Russell, a sophomore on the distance team, said, “The Vo2 workouts have helped me understand how efficient your body is at using oxygen while running.” Currently coaches are using the Vo2 work outs to help their athletes with pacing and running form. “In order to be a good college athlete, you need to learn pacing,” said Assistant Coach Brent Seidler. Craig Boekenoogen said he feels he is more prepared than he ever has been for the first race due to the new workout program, especially since he will be running the 5000 meter. He is also hoping the lack of intense speed work because it is early in the season, will be balanced out with the Vo2 workouts. The purpose of the initial VO2 test is to see how far one can run before reaching oxygen deprivation. In later workouts coaches will use the test data to calculate how far each individual athlete needs to travel in a given amount of time. Each speed workout that every athlete does is based upon the results of original test. Running is a very individualistic sport and the Vo2 workout is a method to help athletes improve themselves individually. “The Vo2 is an individualistic workout and test that aids in our understanding of where we are in our training,” said Russell. The goal with this new training program is for athletes to be more successful and confident in races, as well as less nervous when it comes to race time. With VO2 they will know exactly how fast they need to run to achieve their goals.