Not every family sets the table the same way.

Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy and stuffing. Football games and naps after dinner. Remembering to be thankful. It all happens on the same day once a year. This is a textbook American Thanksgiving. If this describes your family’s Thanksgiving do not fret. You have nothing to worry about. It is a perfectly wonderful way to celebrate the day. However, there are some who push the walls of tradition to make different traditions of their own. Senior Andrew Norman is making efforts to start a new tradition of playing games after the family lunch instead of just napping or watching T.V. “Last year, I actually played hide-n-go-seek with my ex's younger siblings, niece, and nephew. That was actually a lot of fun, 20 years old or not,” he said. Norman says he liked the idea of playing games because it is more interactive than watching the tube. “I think it would make a cool tradition just to keep the adults from going into turkey coma… after dinner,” added Norman. Senior Lacy Ramirez is making new waves with her Thanksgiving as well. “Two words: Goat. Stew. Otherwise known as Birria de Chivo,” she said. Her family has taken part in a large church potluck on Thanksgiving Day as far back as she can remember. The church is mostly Hispanic and each family brings a dish from their heritage and all types of food show up. “There is Mole Poblano, enchiladas verdes, tamales, pozole and tacos of all kinds,” she added. Ramirez treasures the tradition her and her family participate in. “I would not want to spend Thanksgiving any other way than with my family, my culture and our delicious spicy foods.” Junior Chris Barry also has an interesting way of celebrating Thanksgiving. “My family has a tradition of eating Thanksgiving dinner twice,” Barry said. The reason behind this is because “we like eating with different relatives sometimes, so we try to cater to all of our family.” Celebrating Thanksgiving in this way has also given Barry the opportunity to experience different foods. “One time I spent Thanksgiving with my sister and her… boyfriend’s family. That's where I had sweet potato pie for the first time. I have been in love ever since,” he finishes.