April Lindstrom, Kimberly Schwartz, William Wannae and Katelyn Larson go cliff jumping.
Submitted photo.

Fall semester 2012 is coming to a close. It’s chapter almost finished and Corban students are already looking forward to writing the next one entitled “Spring 2013”. Who am I kidding? All students can think about right now is Christmas break. In the midst of all the excitement due to the coming break, three students took a moment to reflect on some highlights of this semester. Junior Katelyn Larson said her highlight involved the great outdoors, or to be more specific, cliff jumping at North Fork. “The beautiful summer weather was still around early on in the semester, so a few friends and I decided we'd take advantage of it,” said Larson. “I really enjoyed the people as well as the actual swimming and cliff jumping, even though the water was frigid!” Larson recalled a memory of the guys pulling a gigantic log to the top of a cliff, only to throw it back over the edge into its original position. “It definitely looked really silly at first, but it was pretty cool to watch all the guys chuck the log off the cliff and then hear it crack as it hit the rocks on the way down,” she said. Junior Kyle Anthony said he loved being a part of the intramural Ultimate Frisbee competition. “I enjoy playing the sport, and it was a great my team got to the Championship for the second year in a row,” said Anthony. “Even though we won it last year and lost this year, it was a great time.” His favorite moment of Ultimate Frisbee was when he played a game where he never failed to catch a frisbee thrown his way. “I remember after the game I was in a huddle with my team. I looked at them all and told them, ‘Well I hope you all enjoyed that because it will never happen again,’” said Anthony. Junior Kelsey Banks liked the prank war she participated in between Aagard and Farrar. “We [were] all getting pretty into it and it's actually been a great way to see community build between the two dorms,” Banks said. A favorite moment during the war was when Farrar managed to hi-jack everything from the Aagard lobby. Banks response to the prank was, “We all got a kick out of it to be honest. Watch out boys, we'll get you back.” Whether cliff jumping, playing Ultimate, or pranking a brother dorm, Corban students have made this fall semester one to remember. Now, it’s time to tackle those finals and have ourselves a merry little Christmas. The chapter of “Spring 2012” is just around the river bend and waiting to be written.