Randi (on the left) with April Lindstrom at this years Ocean Rush.


By Randi Donahue

Renting for a time it may be nice
but the time has come I want to be bought
I want to commit: grasp the unknown
inexplicably scary

Take my love, take my body
use my soul, use my spirit
for a time it can be yours
treat me like you own me
shake me up my insides in shambles
trying to release, but the lease
(impossible to place my mind at ease)
holds me back. Mold become ice cold
abuse me, you’ll never confuse me
your lies they will not reside by my side
as the last check come’s in from your
falsified love I’ll be up and gone
as I cash that last check
your name now gone for good
the money I’ll use to get those stains off my hood
rent out my love like a paperback novel

I’d rather be alone on the streets
nowhere to call home than to be caught
in thought with a knot attached to your cot
anxiety that comes with owing you love
I would rather keep the little I have

I’ve got holes in my walls from the tenants before you
wages I’ve paid in attempt to repay you
apologies for drunken nights
the stains on the carpet will not soon fade
the paint on the walls portrays different shades
patches and blotches of flaws trying to be erased

Own me. Take control of me
take my spirit refurbish my soul
wash over me like a flood, drown me
from the base of the pool
draw me up. Revive this life
with a spark reignite
gut this vessel, tear me apart from the inside out
through the molding of your hands perfection is made
I’m your temple
now a fit structure to encompass
the incredible masses of your
indescribable love

Perfected in your eyes
my maker.