It’s coming time to register for classes again, and there is one piece of advice I will spout over and over: take a class you don’t need. If there is any room in your schedule whatsoever, take something completely irrelevant to what you want to do.

Tori Cole, columnist

Tori Cole, columnist

Take an English class.

Take a history class.

Even take a math class.

This is a unique time – it’s highly unlikely you’ll ever be in a situation where you can so easily take classes for things that simply interest you. It’s a chance to learn about something you always wanted to know more about. It’s a chance to test-drive some ideas. There is no commitment to follow through with a major or even a minor. It’s simply a chance to explore.

Yes, it will be work. There will be homework that you maybe wouldn’t have “had” to do. But there is so much to be gained as well in these situations.

See what is out there past what you think you want to do. It’s a big world and it can’t hurt to absorb as much as we can while we are here.

It’s simple and brief advice, but I believe it can make a difference.