At the Portal Writer’s Academy held at Corban this June, students have a unique opportunity to both learn and serve. While the cost of the event is usually around $300, which includes meals and housing, select Corban students can work the event and attend for free. Students will have a few duties which include helping with registration, showing attendees around campus, and helping out with other small tasks, but will be free to attend many of the workshops. “It’s a really great way for people who want to but can’t afford to come,” said Tori Cole, student and assistant event planner. This year, Portal Writer’s Academy will be especially geared towards 13-23 year olds. Many nationally recognized speakers and authors will be speaking and leading workshops. While the focus will be on writing, there will also be information on media arts. “It will be really informative for people interested in writing or the arts,” Cole said. There will be an informational meeting March 12 in the President’s Office in Schimmel from 6-6:30pm for those interested. Applications will be available at the meeting, and afterwards at Student Life. Kellie Wood, Special Events Planner at Corban is in charge of the event, and Gina Oschner, writer-in-residence at Corban, is the purpose and vision behind Portal Writers Academy. Those who wish to know more can contact Tori Cole at