Nadia Maksimov helps two girls with the Oregon College Mentors program.

Lead the Future: Become a Oregon College Mentor for Salem-Keizer Public Schools

By Aloha Yoshinaga For the past several years, numerous Corban students have utilized their time to volunteer as a mentor/tutor for the Salem-Keizer Public Schools. The students have put in one to three hours a week to help middle school and high school students catch up on their school work. Their time has helped improve student behavior, attendance and grades “Being an Oregon College Mentor is really cool because it works around my schedule and is flexible with my time,” said Aaron Lehmann, a Oregon College Mentor at Roberts Early College high school. In working with students, he said, “being a reliable source and having that one-on-one tutoring session with students that want to be helped, is really beneficial to their education and future.” Michelle Wohr believes that the most satisfying thing about being an Oregon College Mentor is seeing the students understand the material. She also mentioned that the Oregon College Mentors Program is the best program ever. Come out and help students in middle to high school level succeed in school. Your experience will be very rewarding. To be a mentor/tutor, go to and apply.