It is that time of year again.  Everyone from the smallest of students to the most respected of staff and faculty gather round in unison… to hit a volleyball. This year, a total of 17 teams came out to participate in the Competitive and Recreational leagues that were offered for volleyball. Recreational League 9 teams comprised recreational league, and six made it to playoffs.  In the first round, Team YMI managed to make it out due to a team forfeit by the Adsmashions.  The Foxes would also win out and make it to the semi-finals. Facing off in the semi-finals, two games would take place in order to determine who would be worthy of making it to the championship game.  The Artic Foxes, captained by Hannah Vinkemulder, would duke it out with Madeline Kerkhoff’s team, Tyce’s Tantrum.  The Foxes slyly made their way through the semi-finals and into the berth for the Recreational Championship. In the second game of the semi’s, Tessa Carver’s team, My Ace, would contend with Cassie Forster’s Team YMI for the remaining spot.  YMI came out on top. On the night of the championship, Forster and Vinkemulder would have their teams face off against each other in an all-out 5 set series with all the specs.  The C.E. Jeffers Sports Center was set up and prepared to go with all the bleachers pulled out, scorer’s table set up, and pizza and drinks ready for all who came to the event. After each set, the Campus Recreation Department would hold raffles for various gift cards.  All spectators who came into the gym would get tickets in hope that they would get their number picked out of the bag. With raffles and contests, the fans were kept entertained.  However the game itself was still riveting with a closely battled three set win by Cassie Forster’s Team YMI. Competitive League For the competitive side of Intramural volleyball, eight teams fought for six playoff positions.  In the first round of the playoffs, Team Cason would prove to be superior to the French Toast Mafia and would make it to the next round giving the Mafia a taste of their own medicine.  The second game played in the first round would conclude with Block Magic demonstrating their finely honed blocking skills on their opponent, The JBGC. Facing off in the semi-final round, Team Cason, captained by Cara Cason, would have their hands full with the Kanak Attack.  Captain JD Smith’s team held an undefeated record going into the playoffs and would maintain it through the second round. On the other side of the bracket, Block Magic captained by Chelsea Reifschneider faced off against Travis Sherman’s team, On the Beach.  Despite their success in the previous round, Reifschneider’s team could not manage to hold off their opponent. On the championship night, On the Beach and Kanak Attack would have 5 sets to see who would deserve the Fall 2013 Intramural Volleyball Championship title.  With the stage set, it would prove to be an entertaining night for all, filled with great games, continual raffles, and a Twinkie eating contest. At the end, Kanak Attack would prove to demonstrate the superiority and dominance that comes with a solidteam. Despite incredible effort demonstrated by Sherman’s team, JD and company would take home the title and bring to a close another successful Intramural Volleyball season.