The cast of Blimey Cow: Jordan, Amy, and Josh.

A wise man named Jordan Taylor once said, "I hope me and my future wife are stuck in the friend zone our whole lives." Wait. He said the dreaded words "friend zone." Does that send a shiver down your spine? Are your palms sweating uncontrollably? To top that, you are now going to have nightmares about the girl or guy of your dreams saying "You're such a good friend." Then you will have to move to a deserted island, because you are too embarrassed to ever see her or him again. On the island, you will have to eat sea turtles and seaweed to survive. And since you were never a boy scout, you don't know how to light fires. Yeah, good luck surviving the "curse of the friend zone." But there's hope. You can overcome your fear of the friend zone in as little as 4 minutes and 46 seconds. The remedy? Watch Blimey Cow's "Messy Mondays: Attack of the 'Friend Zone.'" This YouTube video will give you a whole new perspective on what it means to be “friend zoned,” because frankly, it's not always a bad thing. "But to be honest, what's wrong with being friends? I mean ideally you marry your best friend, right? So why are people so against being trapped somewhere where they're forced to continue cultivating a friendship?" said Jordan Taylor, Blimey Cow show host. The YouTube channel Blimey Cow is made by three siblings named Jordan, Josh, Amy, and Josh's wife Kelli. Every Monday and Friday they put out a new video. And guess what? They're Christians. Not that I'm discriminating against those who aren't, but their videos reflect their faith. Their video clips are wildly entertaining with the perfect amount of sarcasm. And don’t get me started on their use of hyperbole. But it gets even better; they do it all without saying anything inappropriate. Take that Jenna Marbles! At this time, Blimey Cow has created 178 videos for those tough questions in life. Basically, they know how to solve everything. Want to write a worship song? There's a video for that. Want to know if you're in love? There's a video for that. Want to know if you're a homeschooler? Yes, there's even a video for that. And don't forget their video "How to Make the Perfect Christmas List." That gives practical life application, right there. One of my favorite video clips will always be “Messy Mondays: Like vs. Love.” Why? Because it’s stinking hilarious and the message is 100 percent applicable to my own life. In the words of the man, Jordan Taylor, himself, “I love it.” If you’ve never seen this one, go check it out. Just do it. Next time you’re not doing homework when you should or are staying up until 4am “just because,” check out Blimey Cow’s YouTube channel. There are hours of entertainment that will keep you captivated at any hour of the night. And if you watch all of their videos, you are sure to never get to your College Writing II research paper. Procrastination made easy. You’re welcome. Click here to watch the Blimey Cow channel now: