Today marks the start of dead week. So your nights will no longer be full of Facebook, but rather studying and Facebook. If you are having trouble finding helpful study resources, look no further than this article. Here are five websites that can help you study: 1. Although anybody can edit Wikipedia articles, this website has an extensive database with a vast array of articles to choose from.  You can type anything and the chances are there is an article for it and most pages are updated regularly. “I use Wikipedia as a springboard into other topics and credible sources,” said student Vinny Sepe. If you don’t get an instant match during a search, Wikipedia lists other articles that the website feels are a match. 2. Use this one wisely. Spark Notes were originally short books that gave you a detailed explanation and commentary of a particular book, but now they are available online, so you can get want you want on the web and it’s free. The site has a variety of books and topics, and offers extensive notes. It is best used as a supplement for reading a book, not a substitute. Many teachers and professors have a negative opinion of Spark Notes, because they are used by students as a replacement for studying. Don’t depend solely on Sparknotes. 3. Founded by a 15-year-old in 2005, this website not only lets you look up material on a particular subject but you can make personal and custom quizzes for your test material. There are numerous ways to quiz yourself on the site, such as simply using the search bar, doing word and definition matches, or taking a multiple choice quiz. It also allows you to study with friends who use the site. It is designed for elementary to college students and it is free. 4. This website is designed for anybody from kindergartners to adults returning to school. Khan academy offers visibility for teachers, coaches, and parents to see how students are performing and they have access to student’s data. Khan academy has a large database of videos on scholastic topics for students to view and learn from. It tells you what you are specifically struggling with. It’s also free. 5. This website makes digital flash cards for you from information you type in, plus it quizzes you with that information. It also has a database to look up information and hires individuals to help others study. The website is free and it even offers a special online app for smartphones, so you can study anywhere, even in the Aramark line. These resources won’t guarantee you will pass a class, but they can help you study efficiently and save you time. Study well and stay strong.