I was in the middle of writing a shocking exposé of the life of …


It was riveting, exciting, breath-taking and simply stunning. But then I got distracted.

Last night I was on my way to a rehearsal so I stopped at a convenient store to find dinner.

Rebekah Peters is a junior at Corban this year.

Rebekah Peters is a junior at Corban this year.

While there, I made the best discovery in a long time.


I’ve received a lot of great news lately, but this may be the best information of all. Crispy M&Ms have been missing from my life for ten whole years. It is quite possible that I purchased three bags of these heavenly candies and the first bag was emptied in under five minutes. (Don’t worry, the bag is only 180 calories!)

In perfectly round nuggets of red, yellow, orange, green, brown and blue filled with crispy something, joy filled my mouth and heart. No joke, I giggled as I ate each crispy nugget.

At first I ate only one at a time, then two, then five. All crunching at the same time. It was glorious.

This encounter reminded me of the phrase, ‘you never know what you have until it’s gone.’

As a child, I took Crispy M&Ms for granted. But now they are back in my life and I will never again eat one without a heart full of gratitude.

Thinking back, I wonder if I even ever really noticed they had disappeared from my life. Did I go to the store one day only to discover my soul-mate had disappeared off of the shelf? I am not sure. I don’t think so.

You may notice that the color of the bag has changed. Crispy M&Ms used to be sold in blue bags. However, in 2010, Pretzel M&Ms stole the blue packaging. I remember being so excited when Pretzel M&Ms came out because I thought they would help me to reminisce the joy of Crispy M&Ms, but they only tasted like false hope and disappointment.

Please comment below and share your thoughts about the re-release of this American favorite treat!