Wednesday, Nov. 18, Colette Tennant's Creative Writing class put on a chapel that was centered around the Thanksgiving holiday, and more specifically the talents that God has blessed people with.  A video recorded by the class was shown interspersed with live readings of poetry and different songs.  The opportunity to write a poem was extended to the rest of campus. An American Sentence is a seventeen syllable poem that is only, like the name suggests, one sentence.  Below enjoy some of the poems read during the chapel, some poems written in the Creative Writing class and a few American Sentences. Here is a post written by student, Bronte Brooke, reviewing the Creative Writing class's chapel. American Sentences: Thank you, God, for all of my sweet students – and for the ornery ones too. (Colette Tennant) Caffeine at this point is pouring gas into a car with no fuel tank. (Gabby Kupfer)
The TB Patient Banging on the Library Walls Just Wants to Read by Alexis Miller
Suppose I disappeared in the library,
which used to be a hospital. I’d meet old tuberculosis
patients—because all invisible people can see each other,
alive or dead—and ask them
why they bang on the pipes every winter.
And suppose one, a girl my age, just wanted
someone to read with her, because her hands were shadows,
so she couldn’t turn the page. Suppose, together,
we read every book, down to the last volume
of the Oxford English Dictionary, and then
she moved on
and a campus safety officer I didn’t recognize
found me in the Stacks,
finishing homework
nine years late.
This is my song to the tune of "You're a Grand Old Flag" by Austin Kent You're a grand old game
You're a Thanksgiving game
That I hope I will soon get to see
And I'm sure the Lord
Would be on board
To skip church and watch ball with me
He would want me there
On the couch with a stare
Of intensity screaming loud
I could cheer my team to victory
And I'm sure Jesus would be proud.