By Mike Toam As you may know, all school activities were cancelled due to a snowstorm early February—including Corban Experience, which is kind of a big deal. The event was rescheduled for Feb. 23 and 24. Originally, 179 guests were scheduled to attend, but due to the cancellation the number of people decreased to 100, said the event coordinator Courtney Dodds. Associate Provost, Chris Vetter and Provost Matt Lucas were the ones to make the call on canceling Corban Experience and made the announcement Feb. 8, said Dodds. However, some experiencers had already flown in from Alaska, Hawaii, Southern California, and Washington. “It was a bummer for them because they spent money to travel here and then they didn’t have anywhere to go,” said Dodds. Despite the ice, two or three families even insisted on coming to campus and Dodds asked campus ambassadors Emily Abbey and Mare Suddarth to give the perspective students a tour. One of the families, who came from Washington on Sunday morning, enjoyed sliding around on the ice as they traveled around the campus, said Suddarth. Another one of the visitors told Abbey and Suddarth they would not be able to return for the rescheduled Corban Experience, but was still happy to that he got to enjoy the campus that was covered with a foot of snow. The “Show Don’t Tell” event scheduled during Corban experience, also had to be rescheduled due to cancelation as a result of the snowstorm. “Having a cancelled event is always a bummer because of all of the preparation that goes into it, but honestly, I enjoyed having some extra time to play in the snow with my roommates,” said James. The cancelation also gave participants a chance to practice their skills for another couple of weeks, James added.