Corban University has become the headquarters for the mobilization of the Northwest to participate in Billy Graham’s last crusade. Looking forward to November 2013, the 94-year-old has launched a crusade called “My Hope,” in which churches across the country will work together to evangelize their communities. From counseling presidents in their darkest hours to holding a child’s hand in Malawi, Billy Graham has impacted untold millions around the globe. As one of the most well known people in America, Graham’s influence spans the decades and the nations of the world. The son of a farmer from the Midwest, Graham became a Christian in his teens, and since then, has led evangelistic crusades across the nation and the world. His wisdom has led him to the White House and home of other world leaders; every president since World War II has requested his counsel and friendship. Corban University is the headquarters for the Northwest section of “My Hope.” David Sanford, director of institutional marketing, is leading 12 student interns in heading this project up.

Billy Graham
Photo courtesy of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

The project is based on Matthew 9:9-13, where Matthew invites his friends to come hear Jesus talk. “My Hope” summons Christians to invite friends into their homes to hear Billy Graham’s gospel messages through various multimedia productions. By combining the powerful message with personal relationships, “My Hope” plans to make a huge impact on the U.S. next November. “’My Hope” is an opportunity for churches to reach their communities for Jesus Christ,” said Jim Wood, the mobilization director of “My Hope.” “My Hope” plans on succeeding in America, as it has a successful story in 57 countries over the past decade. In countries around the world, the “Matthew” strategy has worked to produce on average two decisions for Christ per home. Now, in a country where, according to “My Hope,” the number of non-religious people has doubled since 1990 and atheists and agnostics have tripled, the campaign hopes to make a difference in the lives of Americans. “Our country really needs hope right now,” said Liane Dehart, a Corban senior on the project. “There’s so many broken people…it’s going to be awesome to see how God uses this project.” Corban University is involved in this project by preparing churches and pastors for training. Corban interns are calling pastors and churches to prepare for the campaign next year.