By Alexis Miller

On Tuesday, April 15, around 8:00 am, Corban Students for Life set up a little whiteboard outside Corban’s library. Across the top, we wrote, "Is abortion okay in the case of rape?" We asked students to write their answers on the board. By 1:30, when I came for my turn by the board, it was running out of room. I re-wrote the question on a poster, with slightly different wording, so we could erase the question on the board and make room for more answers. Still, it was completely full when we started putting things away at 5:00. Whenever we set up a display or table on campus, we hope to start discussion. This event went further toward that goal than any in the past. "Have you seen our question?" I'd ask passers-by. "No, what is it?" some replied. Then the students, faculty, or staff looked at the question. "Oh, that's a tough question." It is a tough question. That's why we have to ask it and wrestle with the answer for ourselves. Despite the toughness, dozens of students filled the whiteboard with their answers. Some left after writing their answer. Some stayed, and we had great discussions with people from all positions. Some didn't want to write anything down, but talked with us a bit. Everyone agreed on the horror of rape. Opinions on abortion were more varied. Many people voiced strongly pro-life positions, but a few were decidedly pro-choice. We heard the voices of our campus in a way we hadn't before. This was our last event of the semester, but I look forward to continuing these campus-wide discussions next fall.