If you run out of gas you can call Campus Care to come to your rescue.

What you didn't know you could ask campus care for  With a description such as: “responsible for grounds and building maintenance, custodial, campus security and parking,” Campus Care receives many requests to meet a variety of needs from faculty and students at Corban. In fact, this school year alone, and thus far, they have received 1700 work orders. Sometimes these requests are simple and easy while other times they are slightly unusual. Tom Samek, director of Campus Care, doesn’t see anything he thinks is particularly strange. “A lot of our job is repetition,” Samek said. “We just keep up the repetition.” Campus Care received a number of requests ranging from this year’s incident with the owl in Farrar, burnt bags of popcorn- yes, multiple burnt bags setting off a fire alarm- an incident where a student was claiming their light bulb had burnt out even though the light switch was just off, a time when someone had burnt oatmeal in a pot but hadn’t put any water in it, and a time when a student called when they had left their keys in the door- with the car running. Although Campus Care has many abilities, there are some aspects about their job that you may not know about. Security used to be a part of Campus Care but now that they are separated, they hold different skills but overlap in many areas. If somebody on campus gets stranded, Campus Care can unlock your car, give tires air or jumpstart your car. Security can do these things as well except they can’t unlock the car. Both groups can get gas if one is out but since Campus Care and Security differ on hours available, security is the one to call if it is late at night that you need something. “I don’t think a lot of people know that we can do this,” Samek said. “I see tow trucks pretty often.” Campus Care is also available to help students with projects that they are interested in participating in. For example, Sebastion Shoun and Jordan Carter are working on filling potholes in the parking lot of PVG. “They didn’t know we were here to help, but students can come to us if they want to do something and need help,” Samek said. Campus Care is responsible for many aspects of Corban including fixing furniture, painting and completing restoration projects, office moves, ground keeping, giving parking passes, running all parking events, setting up events in the psalm center and classrooms and really, the variety continues. Campus Care does just about anything anybody might need. “After a while, it seems you’ve heard it all,” Katrina Brooks, Campus Care Office Manager, said. “It will seem like you’ve heard it before.” Campus Care has a wide range of abilities and their focus supports this. “Our focus is keeping things clean, functioning, and usable in order to best enhance the experience here for students,” Samek said. “We want to make the experience for students the best it can be.”