It’s your birthday. You sit in your room with a lone party hat on your head, and a bowl of ramen in your hands. “Happy birthday to me,” you whisper as you blow away the steam, pretending it’s a candle. Ok, maybe that’s a bit too dramatic, but my point is that it can be difficult to make birthdays fun on a college student budget. But there is a way to get around this. Here’s a list of seven birthday freebies to help you celebrate your special day. 1. Dutch Bros. The only thing I love more than coffee is free coffee. And on your birthday, you can get just that at Dutch Bros. You don’t need anything besides yourself, but I would bring ID just in case. 2. Starbucks This one is a little more complicated, but if you love Starbucks coffee, maybe this is the way to go. Just sign up for a rewards card at least 30 days before your birthday. You can do this by either signing up online, or downloading the Starbucks app. On your birthday, go in, tell the barista it’s your birthday, swipe your rewards card, or scan your mobile app and get handed that grande double chocolate low-fat mocha with a pump of hazelnut of your dreams. Sign up here: 3. IHOP I don’t think I could ever say no to free breakfast food. This one does require you to sign up for email updates, but hear me out: you receive a free birthday meal of your choice, in addition to a free meal just because you signed up, and a free meal on the one year anniversary of signing up. That’s a lot of free pancakes. Sign up here: 4. Denny’s Step one: go to Denny’s. Step two: show ID. Step 3: receive and consume Grand Slam. 5. Baskin Robbins Sign up for the Baskin Robbin’s email list and get a free 2.5oz scoop of ice cream on your birthday. Sign up here: 6. Applebee’s Your friendly neighborhood Applebee’s will help you celebrate your birthday with a free dessert if you sign up for their email club. Sign up here: 7. Red Robin Sometimes you just need to drown your taste buds in a flavorful burger. Sign up for the Red Robin e-club and get a free burger on your birthday. Sign up here: