As of the 2013 Spring term, Lacrosse equipment (including sticks, helmets, gloves, and balls) became a part of the vast array of equipment at the Intramural department’s disposal.  Lacrosse is a sophisticated competition that requires skill, coordination, an aggressive mannerism, and a whole lot of fun.  It isn’t a sport that is to be taken lightly.

As anybody with a new toy is familiar with, students couldn’t wait to try it out.

After a tryout night and some subsequent meetings, four teams were created out of all the participants who signed up and the tournament was set.  Competing in our first ever Lacrosse Tournament was Team Tyler Wells, Team Trevor Well, Team Bryan White, and Team Tessa Carver.  These teams would compete for the championship over a period of two days.

By the second night of competition, everyone had gotten somewhat of a hang on the rules and techniques of this foreign game and was ready to see who could survive the longest.  First up in the final round of competition was Team White vs. Team Carver.  While the game showed that deep down everyone has a competitive nature, Bryan White’s team pulled away with a 6 to 1 victory and a spot in the final game.

Two students battle it out for the ball.

Though, Team Carver still had a shot at making it to the finals; they just had to go through Trevor Wells’ team first.  Once again, the Lacrosse players competed and Trevor Wells’ team came up on top with an 8 to 3 score.

And now, the first ever Lacrosse finals game in Corban history:

Team White faced off against Team Wells. The previous games set the tone for the competition level of the finals, and the final did not disappoint.  With a strong battle throughout both 15 minute halves, teams were getting their scoring done.  By the end of the night, Team White managed to win with a score of 8 to 4 and thus they went down in history as the first ever Lacrosse Champions of Corban University Intramurals.

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Collin Allen is a student writer for Corban Intramurals.