The Hoops! I did it again collaborate for the game. Photo by Jessica Bruggeman.

On Feb. 22 2013 the yearly 5 Vs. 5 basketball league championship took place in the gym. As the record breaking attendance crowd piled in, the best teams from the women’s recreational league, and the men’s recreational and competitive league.  Competing for the title from the Women’s League was number one seed Hoops! I did it again and the number three seed Acca-Awesome.

Both teams proved their right to be in the finals as they battled to the wire ending regulation time with a score of 31 to 31.  By the end of overtime, Amanda Mendenhall (11 points, 13 rebounds and 4 assists) led the Acca-Awesomes to a 35 to 32 victory.

Up next came the men’s recreational championship game between first seed Casey Michaels and the Luchadores and the sixth seed Victorious Secret.  As both teams kept the score close, Kevin Coriano led the Victorious Secret with 15 points, 2 assists and 2 steals.  However his stellar scoring was not enough to keep the Luchadores at bay.

Led by shooting star Chris Bartness with 15 points, 9 rebounds and a steal and assist, the Casey Michael and the Luchadores managed to pull through at the end and win 45 to 39.

After two brilliant championships which had the crowd on their feet and cheering, there came the culminating event of the night: the men’s competitive championship.  This final matchup was between the number one seeded Purple Dragons and the third seeded Team Hopper.   Not letting the fans down, both teams kept the competition close and demonstrated their skill in shooting the three ball.

Team Hopperwas in danger of falling behind with a barrage of threes from the opposing team, but thanks to the persistence of Andrew Tennant (15 points, 12 rebounds and 2 assists), they pulled it close and made it a nail biting ending.

Danielle Buechley and Melissa Berry give each other a high five. Photo by Jessica Bruggeman.

.Unfortunately for Team Hopper, Jordan Graulto was red hot for the Purple Dragonsscoring a team high 25 points while grabbing 4 boards and 3 assists.  He helped lead his team with a 75 to 73 edge and claim to the 2013 championship.

In the end, it was a spectacular night for Intramurals.  Players enjoyed the high life of having a bleacher filled with fans cheering them on, their own personal introduction on the PA system, and a chance to shine on the big stage.  Fans were able to be a part of a great night setting what is undoubtedly an Intramural crowd record for this event.