A word murmured behind closed doors of the dormitories. A word scribbled onto the pages of a well-hidden diary. A word some Corban students would not dare speak out loud.

When did sex become a topic young Christians are afraid to speak of? Sex, which is meant to be something beautiful between a wife and a husband, has become somewhat of a taboo topic in the Corban community.

One student is determined to change that view.

Senior Jordyna Smith, a Creative Writing major, has started the CLT organization “Let’s Talk.”

“Let’s Talk” will be a women’s only group, focusing on – you guessed it – sex.

“Over the years, I’ve been talking to many girls about the topic of sex. It’s a topic I can easily discuss, unlike most people here,” Smith said.

According to Smith, girls she has spoken to say the topic is “awkward” and “uncomfortable” to speak of. Smith says it doesn’t help that there are no classes offered dealing with the topic.

“Girls need a place where they can feel comfortable talking about sex,” Smith said. “There’s not really an opportunity to talk about it at dorm meetings, Bible studies or hall sectionals.”

Jordyna Smith encourages all Corban women, with sexual experience or not, to join “Let’s Talk.” Photo by Lacy Ramirez

But, in a private Christian university like Corban, is there really a need for such a place?

Smith says yes. And, statistics agree with her.

A study conducted last year by The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy revealed that 80 percent of “evangelical” young adults, between the ages of 18 and 29, have had sex before marriage. *

Shocking? Perhaps not.

“In a perfect world, sex would occur only within a marriage,” said Smith. But, as she notes and as everyone is aware of, this world isn’t perfect – far from it.

“I’m not stupid. I know, for a fact, that people at Corban are having [pre-marital] sex,” Smith said bluntly.

She added that Brenda Roth, Dean of Students, is “very excited” for this new group and that, according to Roth, there was a group similar to “Let’s Talk” a few years back

“That group focused more on purity. This group will focus more on reality,” said Smith.

The group will meet once-a-week and will be designed so that a different topic will be addressed each time. The topics will vary from STD’s (sexually transmitted diseases) to sexual abuse. But, Smith advocates, if there’s a special request to discuss a certain topic, she would be “more than willing to set down the previous agenda and talk about it.” There will be opportunities for girls to share their personal experiences with each another as well.

A Corban student, who prefers to remain anonymous, shares his enthusiasm for the group, despite being male and unable to attend.

“Hearing that the campus is allowing this group is impressive,” he said. “I’m impressed with this group in general. I think a guy should pick this up and make a similar group for the men.”

“For that to happen, there needs to be a guy who feels as passionately about this as I do,” Smith said.

Both students agree that the possibilities of a group like “Let’s Talk” to form for men are slim. Corban guys, Smith and the anonymous male said, are willing to talk about sex – to an extent. They will “brag about it,” but they “don’t want to deal with what’s wrong about sex before marriage.”

Some students may be interested in the group, but are unwilling to attend or speak up due to fears of what they say being reported to Student Life.

Everything discussed will be kept private and confidential, assured Smith, unless she believes a situation shows cause for alarm. “We have to look for the student’s best interest,” Smith said. “If a student shows signs of being a harm to themselves or someone else, we can arrange for them to meet with Stephanie Husk, the school psychologist.”

Smith would also consider bringing Husk in to the group as a guest speaker if there is a specific topic the group would wish to discuss with a professional.

Smith hopes to cater to the needs of the girls on campus as much as possible and cannot stress enough the importance of this group to all Corban women.

“They need to know! Whether they’ve had experience or not, they need to be able to talk about sex in a place where they can do it without fear or judgment,” Smith said.

“I already have a group of girls who are all really excited to get this group going,” she said enthusiastically. “We’ll be supportive and everything will stay in complete confidence. Plus, we have snacks! Who doesn’t like snacks?”


The first official meeting of “Let’s Talk” will take place this Wednesday, Sept. 12 at 7:30 p.m. at Townhouse 4622.

For more information, contact Jordyna Smith on the group’s official facebook page here or email her at


*As this study isn’t specific to Corban, the statistics at this school may differ greatly.