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William Barclay
Me, my selfie, and why

Me, my selfie, and why

Technology is taking the world by storm and so is the lingo that comes along with it. "Selfie" was recently deemed the new "Word of the Year" in 2013.
Italian developer buys student's app

Italian developer buys student’s app

Caleb Stultz, a senior at Corban recently had his idea for an iPhone app picked up by an Italian developer and will soon be available in the app store.
There's an app for that

There’s an app for that

College students are always in need of new ways to organize and categorize their lives, and what better way than to use the plethora of smartphone apps that are at our fingertips- literally. Check out this article for a short list of helpful apps for every college student.
The Latest in Technology: Nintendo Wii U

The Latest in Technology: Nintendo Wii U

The highly anticipated Nintendo Wii U will be hitting the market in exactly a month. Hilltop's Entertainment Editor gives details on why the Wii U has people so hyped up and gives reasons on why it's expected to change the tech world like the original Wii did six years ago.
The Latest in Technology: Apple iPhone 5

The Latest in Technology: Apple iPhone 5

Does the new iPhone 5 live up to the hype? Is it worth investing in? Check out what a few Corban students have to say about it...

Accept or Decline?

Students and professors across the globe are utilizing the networking phenomena known as Facebook. But does this mean students and professors of the same campus should be friends on Facebook?