The 2014 Hilltop News Team are ready to serve Corban University. Left to Right: Ellen Kersey, Kristin Aalto, Angel Prideaux, Heather Karle, Hannah Madsen, Amy Elker, Jordin Lineback, JP Partridge, Armanie Miranda, Katrina Aman. Photo Credit: JP Partridge.


Mission Statement

Corban University’s Hilltop publications – newspaper, yearbook and website – serve as a student-led forum for the student body. Their mission is to tell true stories that contribute to authentic Christian community at Corban. Their staff seeks to practice journalism that is true, substantiated, fair and dedicated to Jesus Christ. Hilltop publications do not represent Corban’s faculty, administration or trustees; rather, they provide a significant student perspective on matters of importance to the ongoing life of the community.